"Your health and wellbeing are always top on our agenda.
At SYNERGI we pride ourselves on creating truly unique sessions tailor made to each individual. We are careful to take into consideration your goals, age, training experience, mobility,  injuries/health conditions and most importantly aim to keep sessions fun and enjoyable for you!"

Our team of Personal trainers with over 20 years experience between them have a wide range of experience working with athletes in their 20’s to the elderly in their 80’s.

What to Expect? 

Consultation & Welcome Pack

2. 1
st session: Movement assessment and Programme Design

3. Programme Implementation

4. Review

Specialist areas:

Strength Training
Back Pain management
Healthy Movement
Olympic Lifting & Powerlifting
Nutritional Education and Weight Management

Programmes are designed to work with those with varying health conditions, primarily we work with those with musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, osteoarthritis and other bone, joint and muscular injuries. We work alongside physios and other health professionals to give you the best possible treatment intervention.

If Weight loss/ body transformation is a goal?

Expect to be given nutritional education and coaching to help you understand why, how and what to eat for you personally. We aim to find out the best method to work around your personal preferences and lifestyle. We use a variety of coaching tools to help you find a method that works for you while arming you with as much nutritional education as possible to help you make long lasting behaviour change.