"Achieve your goals without the need to step into a gym."

Online Personal Training Courses In Cardiff

Studies have shown that support at home using technology is as good as seeing your personal trainer in person. It’s not about the type of communication you use but more how often that communication takes place.

Since Covid -19 we have all had to make adaptations to the way we lead our lives. Online Personal Training is a great way to improve your health and fitness while at home. The level of support is identical to what you would achieve on a face to face level – it is simply delivered remotely.


Exercise sessions for any age and ability. 
We work with young adults in their early 20's to seniors in their 80s. 

Nutritional Coaching and weight loss support. 
Individualised packages of support, meal plans and much more. 

Health and Wellness Coaching 
We work with you holistically with you as an individual to help you make long-lasting behavioural changes. 

No exercise equipment needed

Chose a time and day that suits your schedule, which also considers other personal commitments.

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Online Personal Training Packages Cardiff

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Recent world-wide events have encouraged our nation to rely far more on technology to help us through day to day living. Share prices in companies like Zoom have gone through the roof thanks to the increased number of users. We now use video software to communicate with friends, family and even work colleagues.

Something often overlooked and perhaps not first associated with video calls is online personal training in Cardiff. More and more personal trainers and their clients are choosing to take part in virtual workouts for a number of different reasons. As well as avoiding contamination from this global pandemic that we have recently survived, clients are using this service because they simply find it difficult to make time to visit the gym.

Gone are the days where people thought you needed to spend a few hours a day at the gym to see visible results, instead people have realised that they can achieve their goals without the need to make the journey. At Synergi Weightlifting Gym we offer a wide range of online personal training courses in Cardiff and boast some of the best results in the area thanks to our highly qualified female personal trainers near Cardiff Bay.

There is scientific evidence to support the idea of using technology and that it can be just as affective as seeing your personal trainer at the gym. Our online personal training courses in Cardiff can be experienced by anyone, with any ability, and on any budget. By using our enquiry form on our contact page, you are taking the first step into your new fitness regime. A member of our team will then reach out to you to discuss a plan based on your individual goals. We know that no single course is suitable for everyone, so we endeavour to create bespoke and tailor-made courses for each individual.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020, we have all had to reshape our lives in some way. Many of us have had to give up certain hobbies or interests to ensure the safety and health of those around us. Luckily, with our virtual personal training in Cardiff we can support both your health and fitness from the safety of your living room. Don’t worry, no equipment is required so don’t think you need to rush out and buy a set of dumbbells. Our team of female personal trainers are experts at identifying everyday objects around the house and incorporating them into their home workouts.

For the best online personal training near me it is worth speaking to Synergi Weightlifting Gym in Cardiff because we pride ourselves and work meticulously at getting the results that our clients ask for. With your commitment and a little help from technology, we can work together to improve your strength, manage your weight or just improve your personal health and fitness ability. The level of support you will receive through our online fitness classes is identical to the level you would receive during a normal session at our gym in Cardiff.

Online gym sessions are fairly flexible, and we aim to work around your schedule to the best we can. We can’t accommodate everybody, but we will certainly move mountains to try. Another benefit of our personal training online in Cardiff is the money you can save travelling back and forth to the gym, not to mention the amount of time it takes to drive. All of this extra time can be spent on preparing nutritious meals or even spending it with the family.

Age is only a number with us, and we aim to cater for all. It doesn’t matter if you are in your early twenties or logging on in your mid-eighties, we can design an online personal training package to suit your ability.

Just like our female personal trainers in Cardiff provide during their physical classes, full nutritional coaching and weight loss support is included in all personal training courses. This will include everything from general advice to meal plans. You really will receive the full package.

Online personal training in Cardiff would be no good for anybody if it didn’t support you in your efforts to create a lasting change. The health and wellness coaching provided in our plans will give you the tools you need to make long-lasting behavioural changes.

This type of course is becoming ever more popular and even more so due to the recent pandemic. If you would like to learn more about our virtual fitness classes near Cardiff Bay, then simply visit our contact page and enter your information. A member of our team will then be in touch to discuss your goals and requirements. We could even start things off with a video call to see if you like the idea of training with someone on a screen.

If you are looking for an online personal trainer for weight loss, then we recommend you speak with one of our fully qualified female personal trainers. Not only will they give you the advice you need, but also the support along your journey that will make the difference to your success. If you are wondering are online personal trainers worth it then we ask you to try and experience it for yourself. It has all the benefits of using a personal trainer in the gym but cuts out the commute, you will spend less on fuel and you can be more flexible during your day to day activities.

To find out more about how much does online personal training cost in Cardiff, speak to a member of our team. We are on hand to help design and develop personal training courses. It is the first step in creating a long-lasting change for your body and lifestyle. If virtual training isn’t for you or you are a little unsure, we would be delighted to discuss any one to one personal training or even small group training programmes. Just take a look through our website to get an understanding of the other services we offer. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we look forward to hearing from you.